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Screenpod Dust Cannon in stock NOW

Is dust a Problem? The Screenpod Dust Cannon’s can help minimise dust, reduce health risks & improve air quality.

How it works: –

Water is pressurised through jet nozzles, transforming the water into a fine mist, a fan within the cowling then generates an airflow to disperse the mist. The mist latches to the dust particles, thus suppressing the dust.

Models in stock: –

  • S45 Pole Mounted– 7.5kW mist fan, 35-40m throw
  • S45 Trailer Mounted – 7.5kW mist fan, 35-40m throw


  • Robust Chassis – all components hot dip galvanised; perfect for the Demolition, Steel and Rental industry
  • Electric tilt and automatic main valve
  • Automatic swing operation to disperse mist over a large area
  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable water flow to suit application requirements
  • Droplet size between 10-150 microns
  • Ideal for outdoor use – all round dust suppression for steel plants, crushing & recycling, mining, bulk handling and demolition
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Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series for sale
Screenpod Dust Cannon S-Series for sale
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