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Design & Manufacture of Mobile Screening, Washing, Crushing and Recycling Equipment     
Precisionscreen Scorpion Stacker

Precisionscreen Scorpion Stacker

The Precisionscreen Scorpion is designed as a self-contained mobile unit for stockpiling materials. The material is deposited into the hopper. From the hopper the material goes on to the feed belt (the speed of the feed belt is controlled by a hydraulic variable control). The feed belt carries the material on to the main belt. From there the material can be stockpiled, or simply dropped to the ground.

The low center of gravity is design of frame coupled to a heavy duty 150mm R.H.S axle fitted with dual road wheels 825 x 16 ensures stability on site.

Precisionscreen Scorpion Stacker Features:

  • Galvanised extended hopper
  • E-lanyards for main conveyor
  • Engine bay enclosures
  • Large 8 cubic metre hopper
  • Extended jib conveyor for 6500mm discharge height
  • Powered by Perkins powerpack and in-house developed hydraulic system
  • Built in Australia for Australian conditions
Precisionscreen Scorpion Stacker
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