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Scorpion Pugmill

Precisionscreen Scorpion Pugmill Options

The Precisionscreen Pugmill PLC is a very versatile machine that can be adapted to work with various applications for mixing. Designed to add moisture content to roadbase materials to make Optimum Moisture Content (OMC), the Pugmill can produce up to 300tph. Capable of doing any main roads requirement or OMC.

We offer a variety of options giving the versatility to tackle a wide variety of applications.

Scorpion Pugmill

Scorpion Pugmill PLC Additive Bin

Turn your Pugmill into a batch plant with accurate weighing out of cement allowing you to produce CTB.

  • The additive bin is collapsible so no need to remove it for transport
  • Poly sides reduce build up
  • Rotary valve and weigh scales increase accuracy
  • Access ladders

Scorpion Pugmill PLC Additive Bin Feeder

Newly developed system to feed Additive Bin from ground level. The Additive Bin Feeder provides a new way of loading bulker bags or additives into Scorpion Pugmills onboard additive bins.

  • Hyd incline screw, driven off and controlled by PLC Pugmill system or hyd controls
  • 10” screw conveyor with AUS designed and manufactured shaft with flights
  • Bin system structurally designed to easily move with PLC Pugmill unit and safely feed materials or blending and stabilising
  • Fitted with SKF bearings and IFM safety sensors and measures for onsite compliance and maintenance
Scorpion Pugmill Additive Bin Feeder

Scorpion Pugmill PLC Precoat Attachment

Allows Pugmill plant to effectively pump and blend precoat mix into aggregates or quarry materials for effective coating of material. An efficient and cost effective way to add a mobile precoating plant as part of your mobile assets.

The Pugmill Precoating Kit includes:

  • Additional IFM Mechatronic flow metre
  • Spraybar in Pughead
  • Programming to include as part of print out
  • Precoating pump and motor, driven by a pre-existing aux circuit with stainless steel nozzles

Scorpion Pugmill Blending Hopper

Add an extra hopper to blend two products together, similar size to the Scorpion Pugmill’s hopper and works alongside the machine.

The blending hopper is a cost-efficient way of loading and blending materials on the pugmill’s main conveyor before it goes to the pug head and is blended as part of the pugmill process

Precisionscreen HTS-50 Horizontal Transfer Silo


Precisionscreen HTS-50 Horizontal Cement Transfer Silo is a semi-mobile system providing high quality blended road-base materials. It works in conjunction with the Scorpion Pugmill PLC to deliver an economical solution with a small footprint and ease of mobility.

The Horizontal Transfer System with 50 tonne storage capacity pushes the material through a screw conveyor into the additive bin from the Pugmill. It provides constant flow and production of cement and fly ash.  The addition of jacking legs means the HTS can be transferred from site to site.


The Precisionscreen CTS-50 Cement Transfer Silo has been developed for the application of road base, cement treated base, soil remediation, landfill site preparation and back-fill material. The CTS-50 Cement Transfer Silo system is used in conjunction with the Precisionscreen Scorpion Pugmill.

Control of the feed rate of the cement additive to the product is achieved by means of variable hydraulic drive that can accurately control the feed rate of the cement. The volume of cement additive will be continuously monitored and displayed by a smart weighing controller.

CTS-50 Cement Transfer Silo

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Scorpion Pugmill
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