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Design & Manufacture of Mobile Screening, Washing, Crushing and Recycling Equipment     
Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer

Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer

The Precisionscreen range of mobile low power requirement sand and gravel-washing equipment includes the very efficient SRD180 Bucket Wheel De-Waterers.

These efficient units can be powered directly from the hydraulic power pack fitted to the screening plant they are working alongside or alternatively a diesel/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic power pack.

The Precisionscreen range of Bucket Wheel De-Waterers have been designed with good production in mind and flexibility as no two deposits of sand are identical.

The SRD180 Bucket Wheel Dewaterer is used to collect Sand particles from slurry material fed from a wet screening process. Its primary job is to pick up the heavier particles of sand as they sink to the bottom upon entry to the tank via the feed tubes.

Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer

The very efficient poly bucket inserts allows water to drain from the sand discharging it at the other side onto a stockpiler.

The plant allows for excellent settlement time of the finer particles. The underwater screw drags these particles back to the buckets for collection.

The organic material floats to the back of the tank with the silty water and is dealt with by a 44.8m (linear) weir that eventually allows effluent water to escape out the 10 inch discharge pipe back to pond.


  • The SRD180 Dewaterer is capable of manufacturing coarse and fine grade sand simultaneously.
  • The unique submerged back screw available on the SRD180 Dewaterer greatly assists in floating off organic silts etc.
  • Allows for enormous effluent water overflow area and ensures excellent de-watering capacity.
  • The unique polyurethane bucket inserts assist in the low maintenance and efficient de-watering.
  • Galvanised bucket wheels with poly inserts.
  • Large adjustable Weir 44.8m linear.
  • Wheel mounted with tow bar for site movement.
  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions.
Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer

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Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer
Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer
Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer
Precisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer
Precisionscreen SRD180 DewatererPrecisionscreen SRD180 DewatererPrecisionscreen SRD180 Dewaterer
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