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TrackmastaPrecisionscreen yet again are raising the standard of technology within the mobile Screening and Crushing industry.

This awesome plant designed and built in Australia is leading the world market with innovative design and build quality.

Never before has the world seen a Tracked Triple deck screening plant, packed with so many new features. Starting with the Patented Fly-boom side conveyors that can radial at the touch of a lever and have adjustable heights. So easy to recirc with other crushers and screening plants. No need to put other machines on pads or struggle to position them. Let the easy fly-boom moving conveyors do the work. These conveyors provide the ability to avoid contaminating stockpiles by simply radialing in the opposite direction.

Each of these conveyors fold hydraulically for transport without the need for dismantling the third conveyor, saving time and aiding ease of set-up.

Catwalks on the machine are hydraulically folding and can be set-up by one person with minimal effort.

Another great feature and a very crucial one within this process is the self levelling track system. Precisionscreen Trackmasta walks with rams on the tracks enabling it to be set up dead level anywhere on a quarry floor. We all know the importance of keeping mobile screening and crushing plant level for production and material flow! This feature also helps eliminate any unwanted stress in the chassis. The built in spirit level indicates the machines balance.

Features and Values:

  • 2 Bearing Screenbox with 20x5 (6000 x 1500mm) Triple deck Flyboom Movement
  • Self Leveling Track System with built in spirit level
  • Hydraulically folding catwalks
  • 3 Fly-boom side conveyors with variable discharge heights and radial angling (under patent)
  • 3 Side conveyors fold Hydraulically for Transport
  • Variable speed on all 3 side conveyors
  • Main conveyor Hydraulically raises for extra access to Screenbox and ease of mesh change
  • Increased Screen angle built into bottom deck screen
  • Quick release wedge tensioning system (unique Precisionscreen designed wedges) on every deck (no bolts required)
  • Hydraulic Screen Angle adjustment
  • Hydraulic Jacking Legs
  • Pendant Track  controlled
  • Visual and audible warning siren
  • Emergency stop buttons around machine
  • CAT 3054c Diesel Engine c/w engine shut down protection system
  • Total Weight approx 36,000kgs



  • Fire Suppression
  • Trackmasta 2052 (2 deck) version available


The Conveyors widths are:


  • Tail Conveyor- 1200mm
  • Side Conveyors- 750mm




Trackmasta 2153


Trackmasta 2153

The screenbox on a Trackmasta is a two bearing fully floating 20x5 three deck internal shaft vibrating box. It gives a very generous three hundred square feet of screening area. The screen is hydraulically adjustable to give the optimum angle for every screening and load requirement, the bottom deck screen is built at an increased angle to improve flow. The massive 20x5 screenbox is built with Precisionscreen designed quick release wedge tensioning system which replace the need for bolts.

The screenbox is also easily serviced with hydraulically controlled service platforms on three sides. Hydraulic rams also allow the screenbox and jib to separate for ease of servicing and screen changing.


Machine Safety Features

The Trackmasta has numerous safety features designed to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the plant. There are four emergency cut-off switches strategically placed around the machine as well as cut-off lanyards that run up the conveyors. There are guards placed everywhere required around the machine to ensure that the chance of any accidents is minimised. These additions bring the Trakmasta to meet Mine Specification instead of just the lower Australian Standard. As well as all this there is an option for a fire suppression unit for further peace of mind.

Trackmasta 2153
Trackmasta 2153

Rock Boxes

The Trackmasta has specially made Rock boxes which sit inside the hoppers feeding the conveyors. They are designed to catch the rock on their edges create a layer of build up. The rest of the material will then fall on the built up material and then onto the conveyor. This build up protects the hoppers and covers one of the highest wearing points on a screen/ conveyor, elongating the life of the plant. When it does start to wear out, replacing our Rock boxes is simple, time effective and exceptionally cheaper than having to replace an entire hopper set up.



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